Hypnotism deserves a better reputation

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Hypnotism has an interesting history. For a long time, it has bounced between being an accepted form of real medicine and a kind of hocus-pocus. Even today, with the practice widely used, many people don’t believe in the effects of hypnotism. For many people, there is no difference between the magicians who pretend to put people into hypnotic trances in an instant and professionals who use hypnosis for real medical purposes.

It’s important for us to try to fight the blurring of this line because hypnosis has so many positives and so few negatives.

For instance, consider the opioid epidemic. For many people, when they go in for surgery, they have an anesthesiologist in there with them, pumping them full of opioids. They continue on a course of opioids after the surgery until the pain is gone. Or, unfortunately, they continue to seek out opioids long after the pain vanishes because they are already addicted to these powerful drugs.

Hypnosis can play a part in lowering the amount of opioids people need during and after surgery. Hypnosis can actually trick the body into not recognizing the pain signals from the nervous system. Even if a person is already addicted to these opioids, hypnotism can help them fight and defeat the addictive urge.

Imagine how many fewer addicts the country would have if more people knew that hypnosis had this sort of real power. This isn’t fairy tale information; this is hard tested medical fact.

And that is only the beginning of what hypnosis can do. Professional hypnotists can help people lose weight. They can help people with anxiety and other psychological issues. They can help people overcome traumas of all sorts.

Again, this is only scratching the surface. Are you a smoker who wants to quit? Look into hypnosis. Do you walk, talk, or snore in your sleep? Look into hypnosis. Are you experiencing issues like impotence or sexual anxiety? Once again, please look into hypnosis.

Hypnosis has a vast array of abilities because it is all about accessing what is going on in the mind. This of it like a brain hack. Once the hypnotist has hacked your system, all sorts of potential can be unleashed. You can overcome issues you’ve had for your whole life, and all it takes is hacking the code and making a small change in there.

All of that power, and there is absolutely no downside. Hypnotism only works on those who are willing to do it. The idea that hypnotists can make people do things they don’t want is fiction. Hypnotism simply allows people to reach levels they were unable to reach other own.

And with that, there is no physical or mental downside. There is no risk of addiction. There’s no chance of withdrawal. There are no physical injuries and no psychological traumas. Hypnotism can make your life better with zero negative side effects.

If only more people were aware of this potential and not so dismissive of the practice. We’d have far fewer problems in the world.

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